Syringe Pump – Drive

Jenis syringe 5,10,20,30,50(60)ml disposable sterile syringes
Volume yang masuk


KVO rate (0.1-2)ml/h, diatur oleh user; default: 0.1ml/h
infusion rate 5ml syringe:(0.1-150)ml/h

10ml syringe:(0.1-300)ml/h

20ml syringe:(0.1-600)ml/h

30ml syringe:(0.1-900)ml/h

50ml(60ml) syringe:(0.1-1500)ml/h

Infusion accuracy:±2%

Bolus rate 5ml syringe:(100-150)ml/h

10ml syringe:(100-300)ml/h

20ml syringe:(100-600)ml/h

30ml syringe:(100-900)ml/h

50ml(60ml) syringe:(100-1500)ml/h



5mlsyringe:150 ml/h

10mlsyringe:300 ml/h

20mlsyringe:600 ml/h

30mlsyringe:900 ml/h

50(60ml)syringe: 1500 ml/h

Occlusion pressure (40.0-160.0)kpa;3 levels (adjustable): low, middle, high; default: middle
Water Proof Level IPX3
AC power 100-240V 50/60Hz
Battery Li_Polymer 7.4V 1900mAh;

Recharge time: 10h with power on, 3h with power off.

Running time: lebih dari  6h at rate untuk 5ml/h, suhu ruang 25℃ setelah fully charged.

Power consumption 25VA
DC DC 12V ±1.2V
Fuse Slow fuse  Specification:250V 2A
Kondisi pengoperasian Suhu ruang 5℃~40℃

Kelembaban relatif: 10-95% (no frosting)

Tekanan udara: 86kPa~106kPa

Dimensions 300(L)x 130(H)x 125(W, tidak termasuk penjepit pada tiang) mm
Net weight 1.8kg


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