Infant Warmer Infinity G3

General Clasification

-Enable 3 mode User Operating
*Servo Control
*Pre Warming

-display 12” touch Controller and Patient monitor

-Enable Rs 232 to Conect With ECG Features, Temperature monitor, SPO2 and NIBP

-Integrated with suction unit with maximum capacity of 2 Liters

-Matrass can be set using actuator in trendelenburg or position opposite

-can be set with altitude


MIXSAFE Features

-Oxygen / Air blender

-system 100% Reusable

-Portable mini Compresor and Frame

-Input Gas Flow Range 10 L/min Capability

-Manometer Range -3 t0 80 cm H20

-Maksimum pressure Relief 8 L/min 5-70 cm H20

-peak Inspiratory pressure 8L/min 3-72 cm H20

-positive end Expiratory pressure 8L/min 1-9 cm H2)



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